Thursday, November 11, 2010

santa fe

i've had a few pieces in santa fe at victoria price art & design for 2 months or so and got an email yesterday informing me 2 pieces had sold. i felt a huge shot in the arm and very grateful.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

dwell magazine

yesterday i woke from a nap and went to my computer to check emails. i looked at my tweetdeck and saw a congrats from antonio garcia for the 'c' tables' appearance on, the magazine's website. i couldn't believe it. i went frantically to the site at which point my internet was SLOW. i waited, waited, then BAM i saw the 'c' table on the homepage under 'product of the day'. i started crying.
this table is a design i created 2 years ago. i've done quite a few miniature pieces and they all sit in the shop on a piece of plywood.
i met mara from soma interiors last year. she knows CAD and offered to draw my table up. we both know tom sawyer enterprises, a solid surface company here and were aware they wanted to do furniture. let us come over with 3 sheets of 3'X 8' plywood and cut out the pieces for the table on their cnc table.
the next day the 'c' table was at scale, and beautiful i might add.
it was a great collaboration, and a joy to see a design of mine spring to life.
that week i emailed photos to a woman at dwell mag, heard nothing back...until last thursday. jordan, the furniture/product editor wanted more pics and a little info. i rushed out, borrowed a camera, went to the shop, took photos, came home, cooked them up in photoshop and sent the ditty/images off. heard nothing, then yesterday it all happened.
last week i went to seattle to visit my brother, his partner, and my nephew. i mentioned i hadn't taken a day off in 2 1/2 years. i go to the shop, even on sundays, if it is simply to tinker or think. i'm devoted to furniture.
i've had some triumphs and some gut wrenching disappointments, but kept at it. whenever i ask 'god', "ok, what do i do now?", the response i always get is 'keep doing what you're doing'.
the dwell event has been an accumulation of tons of bust-ass work
and i appreciate the help of mara and all the wonderful people at tom sawyer enterprises - chad, peter, patrick and others.
paz scott

Monday, August 17, 2009


it's monday close to 10 p.m. where the heck did this day go?
i made it home after sitting in a chair with my face in a computer for 8 hours, then went to the gym for a spinning class. my dog was levitating she was so amped and i hadn't eaten since 11.
all i want to do is design/make furniture. i keep thinking of the Isaac Mitzrahi's documentary called 'unzipped'. it's 1 of my fav's and such an authentic film covering his preparation for an upcoming show. the ups and downs.

i dunno, i'm not feeling a positive vibe. i continue to investigate myself, poke around at the dark places and see what response comes.

i read a short piece the other day on entrepreneurship, and it spoke of the 'syptoms'...feeling crazy a lot, not knowing anything(thinking it), feeling the world is conspiring vs. me etc. it's part of the game and when it comes up, i say gently 'scott stop it'

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

C table

i've seen a design idea i had 2 years ago come into the physical in 1 week. happened. here it is, the 'C' table. mara at soma interiors and i got together and worked on the CAD. tom sawyer enterprises here in ABQ let us in their shop to use the CNC table. thanks to everybody involved. paz, scott

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


hey everyone. wow, 2 weeks since my last posting, seems like 2 days. i've been investigating and implementing social media. ok, albuquerque is not the biggest city and my vision since day 1 has been there i said it, international. i think that is where we are all headed. it is ONE world and that concept may just be an answer to many of our dilemmas. when will we recognize that the earth is a single planet/organism which we inhabit. it makes sense to me.
i have had some challenging experiences lately, one being taking 2 of my chairs 20 miles out of town to show a couple I met 4 days prior. I had the understanding if the chairs fit their dining table they would buy. turns out, money was the issue. no sale.
i'm determined however and when i ask myself 'ok scott, now what do i do?', the answer is always 'scott, keep doing what you're doing'.
paz, scott

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


is quite a discipline.
ok, i have 4 marvelous looking chairs. with 3 coats of a satin finish and a 600 grit light sand, they are handsome. in fact, hans from the A store here in ABQ was by the shop today and enjoyed them. i am deciding whether i want to place them in his shop since it has a much larger customer base and, i admit, better location. the glitch is if they sell, my cut will be minimal but these are tough times.
paz, scott

Monday, July 6, 2009

4 dana chairs

I decided to apply a satin finish to the dana dining chairs I completed 2 months ago. My worries were that the application would darken the wood more than I cared for but it appears they are going to look great. I have a few spots of glue that were missed which isn't hard to fix, nor a big deal. These chairs, when juxtaposed create quite the narrative. Now all I need to do is start on a dining table that will be a nice accompaniment. Peace, scott