Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I participated in the international green ideas show at NM expo this past weekend(10/25,26). my gals from soma interiors invited me along after they saw my furniture and we clicked pretty well. it was a passion-filled weekend....i met some really awesome, inspirational people and learned gobs about what 'green' involves. i've come out of it believing a green lifestyle is one where i do my part, sometimes falling short but always with the intent of renewing.

major props to sophia & mara at soma interiors

simplicity sells

nothing is ‘Green’ if it eventually ends up in the landfill.......eric manigian

Saturday, October 11, 2008

cool happenings

I've been putting much energy and focus into my furniture. I love what I do, not every single aspect but this is all I want to do; design/build/collaborate/be socially responsible.
I met a woman who lives in NYC and has a place here in ABQ. She is an interior designer, loves furniture and digs my design sensibility. Long story short, she is going to represent me and help me bring some pieces to market. AND she introduced me to 2 women who own SOMA Interiors, an interior design firm in ABQ.
We are going to be in the International Green Ideas Show Oct. 25/26 at the NM Fairgrounds.
I am so excited for me!!!!!!!!!!!!

peace, scott