Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I participated in the international green ideas show at NM expo this past weekend(10/25,26). my gals from soma interiors invited me along after they saw my furniture and we clicked pretty well. it was a passion-filled weekend....i met some really awesome, inspirational people and learned gobs about what 'green' involves. i've come out of it believing a green lifestyle is one where i do my part, sometimes falling short but always with the intent of renewing.

major props to sophia & mara at soma interiors

simplicity sells

nothing is ‘Green’ if it eventually ends up in the landfill.......eric manigian

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Danica said...

Wow! I very much like your style. I just went through your portfolio.

I'm working with this group right now called Eden Reforestation projects, we just did some films for them in Ethiopia about the reasons and effects of desertification. You can see 'em on that link I put, but I was just looking around for "Green living" trends and came across your website. I took this "carbon footprint" test and one of the questions they asked was "do you buy second hand furniture" and it occurred to me that it probably has a huge environmental impact to consistently buy new furniture so it's really interesting to read about a very environmentally aware furniture builder like you! I'm curious, how do you go about finding "green materials"? I saw that much of the aluminum you use is recycled, does that mean it costs more?