Friday, December 26, 2008


xmas has come and gone and white design stays afloat. I've had 2 sales at sumner & dene, a gallery downtown, and I started 2 more chairs. I thought I needed to 'improve my craft' and I believe 2 chairs that are identical take on a whole new narrative.
That said, I started yesterday, xmas evening at that.
Sometimes I'm miserable if I'm not making something. Starting is hard for me however I am shortening the gap between visualizing a project and starting it.
I think out as much as I can and begin. I made the seats, cut the legs, made the dados for the seat to accept the legs, cut the necks, the backs.
One thing I craved was to plan a subtle imperfection. Gary Bennett Knox made a 'nail cabinet'. He said the cabinet was finished and to make "the precious thing less precious", he drove a nail into it. As he put it, 'I took perfection, put it over my knee and spanked it'.
So what I did with these two chairs was to make the leg on the right slightly farther back from the opposite leg on the left, both front and back. The chairs will sit fine but it was the whole idea of imperfection I was going for.
This morning I began to put everything together and it was quite an undertaking.
I started screaming 'god, am I supposed to quit all this bullshit?' 4 hours later, everything seems to be going fine, and I am learning gobs. more later.
paz, scott