Wednesday, July 22, 2009


hey everyone. wow, 2 weeks since my last posting, seems like 2 days. i've been investigating and implementing social media. ok, albuquerque is not the biggest city and my vision since day 1 has been there i said it, international. i think that is where we are all headed. it is ONE world and that concept may just be an answer to many of our dilemmas. when will we recognize that the earth is a single planet/organism which we inhabit. it makes sense to me.
i have had some challenging experiences lately, one being taking 2 of my chairs 20 miles out of town to show a couple I met 4 days prior. I had the understanding if the chairs fit their dining table they would buy. turns out, money was the issue. no sale.
i'm determined however and when i ask myself 'ok scott, now what do i do?', the answer is always 'scott, keep doing what you're doing'.
paz, scott

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