Monday, August 17, 2009


it's monday close to 10 p.m. where the heck did this day go?
i made it home after sitting in a chair with my face in a computer for 8 hours, then went to the gym for a spinning class. my dog was levitating she was so amped and i hadn't eaten since 11.
all i want to do is design/make furniture. i keep thinking of the Isaac Mitzrahi's documentary called 'unzipped'. it's 1 of my fav's and such an authentic film covering his preparation for an upcoming show. the ups and downs.

i dunno, i'm not feeling a positive vibe. i continue to investigate myself, poke around at the dark places and see what response comes.

i read a short piece the other day on entrepreneurship, and it spoke of the 'syptoms'...feeling crazy a lot, not knowing anything(thinking it), feeling the world is conspiring vs. me etc. it's part of the game and when it comes up, i say gently 'scott stop it'

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