Sunday, September 13, 2009

dwell magazine

yesterday i woke from a nap and went to my computer to check emails. i looked at my tweetdeck and saw a congrats from antonio garcia for the 'c' tables' appearance on, the magazine's website. i couldn't believe it. i went frantically to the site at which point my internet was SLOW. i waited, waited, then BAM i saw the 'c' table on the homepage under 'product of the day'. i started crying.
this table is a design i created 2 years ago. i've done quite a few miniature pieces and they all sit in the shop on a piece of plywood.
i met mara from soma interiors last year. she knows CAD and offered to draw my table up. we both know tom sawyer enterprises, a solid surface company here and were aware they wanted to do furniture. let us come over with 3 sheets of 3'X 8' plywood and cut out the pieces for the table on their cnc table.
the next day the 'c' table was at scale, and beautiful i might add.
it was a great collaboration, and a joy to see a design of mine spring to life.
that week i emailed photos to a woman at dwell mag, heard nothing back...until last thursday. jordan, the furniture/product editor wanted more pics and a little info. i rushed out, borrowed a camera, went to the shop, took photos, came home, cooked them up in photoshop and sent the ditty/images off. heard nothing, then yesterday it all happened.
last week i went to seattle to visit my brother, his partner, and my nephew. i mentioned i hadn't taken a day off in 2 1/2 years. i go to the shop, even on sundays, if it is simply to tinker or think. i'm devoted to furniture.
i've had some triumphs and some gut wrenching disappointments, but kept at it. whenever i ask 'god', "ok, what do i do now?", the response i always get is 'keep doing what you're doing'.
the dwell event has been an accumulation of tons of bust-ass work
and i appreciate the help of mara and all the wonderful people at tom sawyer enterprises - chad, peter, patrick and others.
paz scott